This past week I have throw healthy eating out the window. I have several more pounds to show for it on the scale too (154! HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE). Summer is nearing and I am honestly starting to panic. I did notice that my arms are getting bigger and when I keep up with my squats I have trouble fitting into my tighter work pants, I can also do way more chin ups. I want to tell myself some of the weight is gained muscle, but as long as my back fat and stomach fat are connecting I really have no excuse. Consistent cardio is going to be a big part of course, I need to allow myself more time at the gym because I honestly don’t always have the energy to breal out into a 3 mile run. Sometimes I just want to walk it, and that should be ok. Sometimes I think, I should post my progress in my blog then I think it would end up being too much, but hell this is supposed to be a journal right? this is whats going on in my life, so im not going to feel bad about posting it. Anyways here is my plan for next week

Breakfast – Scone – 200 calories

Lunch – Feta Walnut Salad – 300 Calories?

Snack – Work out shake 200 Calories

Dinner – Pot Roast? – 500 calories

I have to admit this is probably the least healthy plan Ive made in a long time. I usually try to swear off sugar and while I admit it does cut the cravings, when I sneak one cookie -its over- like an addict just having a just little drugs. Pot roast is also high in calories in fat but I’ve read some good things about having a little fat in your diet and I feel like Ive had good results with things like that before. The rest of the day is also pretty low in calories so it wont be too bad if I add in a few more. Especially before bed when my body is going to be recovering.