This time, I took a look at what the article had to say about my major and while it’s true that English majors are slightly worse off than those with other degrees, I can’t say that I regret my choices. I’ve seen the data that shows that unemployment rates differ depending on one’s college major, but I’m not sure what students can take from these lists. Should they really choose their major based on the unemployment statistics and prospective salaries? The statistics listed for my major were not necessarily frightening: an unemployment rate slightly higher than average, a median salary for recent grads of $32,000, and a “likelihood of working in retail” at 1.4 times the average… it seems strange to include the likelihood of working in retail to rank the majors, as if retail workers should be ashamed of their jobs – is this the new ‘flipping burgers?’

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It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while i see something so short sightedly liberal that it awakens the capitalist republican of my roots thats sleeps deep inside me. My issue with this is that you know that little indie band, that is EVERY band before...