It doesn’t happen often, but every once in a while i see something so short sightedly liberal that it awakens the capitalist republican of my roots thats sleeps deep inside me.

My issue with this is that you know that little indie band, that is EVERY band before they get big? Nobody is ever going to hear them playing in some bar with a couple hits on their myspace page. These companies connect point A to point B, they spend a lot of money doing it and filter out a lot of crap that we are better off avoiding. Are the perfect? No. Do they take an unfair amount of profits? Are they corrupt? Yes – BUT thats a tired old tale. Republicans are always crying out that food stamps, or wic, or any other social service is corrupt, and they are right, a degree of corruption takes place. However the solution isnt to end the phenomenon in question (as I think in both cases we are better off with the corrupt entities than without them at all) it is to minimize the corruption.

Maybe liberal is a bad word choice – Its just short sightedly consumer-centric. Its slightly ironic. The huge businesses that have cemented the ideology that “the customer is always right” “we believe the customers should get less for more” “we live and die for the cusssstomer” are now finding themselves in the position they have put the lowliest of their workers in, now they get to deal with an entitled customer, with a scewed sense of reality, who thinks products and services rain from the sky for free – just for them – because they are the CUSTOMER.