Dear every entry level job in the world that requires 6mo-2years experience, a masters degree and billingual “preferred”:

Fuck you.

Although it doesn’t make it right, sometimes when I hear about this happening at a huge law firm or amazing marketing corporation…I can kind of understand where they are coming from. Its the first rung on a ladder leading to 6 figure salaries, benefits, and hey the entry level thing isn’t that bad either.

Its selfish, I know, but where it hits home for me is in the public mental health industry. I HAVE my degree. I promise you, there is nothing in your little world of paper pushing that is going to test my limits more than college. I think that my degree from a top tier university pretty much assures you the simple fact that I have some capacity for learning.  Why is there this corp bullshittery? There are no six figure salaries, the promotions and pay raises are modest, and the work and responsibility increases are huge. These aren’t jobs people are clamoring to get, they aren’t the kind of jobs that parents hope their children find. Sidestepping politeness – these jobs kind of suck. If you have a masters or Ph.d you could make far more in private practice, academia, or the “real world”. These jobs are a stepping stone for most, but more important than that is that the people who apply for them really have a passion to do them. Fuck your prereqs and dust off the training manual. These jobs are practically DESIGNED for people transitioning between degrees and there are a lot of very talented people you could have on your workforce today if you put a little effort into establishing a truly symbiotic relationship with your community, rather than trying to find some gem who is so down and out of their luck that they are looking for employment making a quarter what they are qualified to make.

Aside: The bilingual thing is legit…its just sad that I’m not 🙁